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A Real Estate Investment Company from Adam Kripke that is transforming the the Toledo, OH and Pittsburgh, PA markets while maximizing returns for investors.

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We acquire homes, apartment complexes, and office buildings based on a precise set of criteria, emphasizing cash flow for investors and maximizing equity growth through forced appreciation.


Our in-house management team boasts over 20 years of experience. We diligently work hard to increase revenue and reduce costs while delivering outstanding service for our tenants.


While we expect significant equity growth, we understand the value of consistent cash flow. Hence, we arrange regular distributions, typically on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the specific offering.


Arrowhead Investments is your gateway to high returns in Pittsburgh's booming multi-family real estate market. We specialize in identifying prime, cash-flowing properties that deliver above-average returns with minimal risk. Our expert team leverages 20+ years of experience to uncover the most lucrative opportunities in Pittsburgh's thriving and diversified economy.

Join forces with our founder, Adam Kripke, a seasoned real estate professional with an impressive track record, and seize this unique opportunity to capitalize on Pittsburgh's burgeoning real estate market. Don't miss out – partner with Arrowhead Investments and begin your journey to financial freedom with us!



"Adam has a great work ethic and brings not just energy to the project but a terrific business mind and organizational skills when it comes to anything real estate. I wholeheartedly recommend him."

Bill K.

"Adam brought my investment group a large portfolio opportunity that turned out to be very lucrative for everyone involved. He was honest, detail oriented, and transparent throughout the entire process. We are looking forward to participating in his next deal!"

Mark L.

"Adam Kripke is a shining example of a hard-working, innovative, and forward-thinking entrepreneur. Adam has quite an eye for detail and demonstrates, through his effort, the importance of sweating the small stuff. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Adam, and I feel it is an honor to know him personally as well."

Ali H.


Investing in multi-unit apartment complexes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, continues to be a highly lucrative and viable investment opportunity. Several factors, including strong economic growth, a stable rental market, and urban revitalization, contribute to this positive outlook.

Economic Growth: Pittsburgh has undergone a remarkable economic transformation in recent years, transitioning from a steel-based economy to one driven by technology, healthcare, and education. The city is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, including PNC Financial Services, U.S. Steel, and Highmark Health. Additionally, Pittsburgh boasts prominent educational institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, which attract talent and foster innovation. This economic growth contributes to a stable job market and growing demand for rental properties.

Rental Market: Pittsburgh's rental market has consistently demonstrated strength and stability. According to Zillow (as of September 2021), the median rent for apartments in the city is $1,247, reflecting a 5.4% year-over-year increase. Furthermore, as the city continues to attract young professionals and college graduates, demand for rental housing is expected to remain strong. This growing demand can lead to higher rental rates and occupancy levels, ultimately boosting the profitability of multi-unit apartment investments.

Urban Revitalization: Over the past decade, Pittsburgh has experienced significant urban revitalization. Neighborhoods such as East Liberty, Lawrenceville, and South Side have seen considerable investment and redevelopment, with new restaurants, shops, and residential buildings catering to the growing population. This revitalization increases property values and attracts more renters, enhancing the appeal of multi-unit apartment investments.

Affordability: Compared to other major metropolitan areas, Pittsburgh's real estate market is relatively affordable. According to Zillow, the median home value in Pittsburgh is $177,268 (as of September 2021). This affordability allows investors to enter the multi-unit apartment market at lower price points, increasing the potential for higher returns on investment.

Market Trends: The growing trend of remote work has led to an increase in renters seeking larger living spaces and more amenities. Multi-unit apartment complexes that cater to these evolving preferences are poised to benefit from this trend and attract long-term, stable tenants.



Apartments offer a reliable income source and numerous chances for forced appreciation, making them perfect properties to acquire. Their consistent and robust demand establishes apartments as a dependable asset class, generating impressive returns for investors. We usually focus on Class B/C apartments in prime locations with a well-defined value-add strategy, ensuring immediate cash flow while preserving the potential for forced appreciation.



Apartments offer a reliable income source and numerous chances for forced appreciation, making them perfect properties to acquire. Their consistent and robust demand establishes apartments as a dependable asset class, generating impressive returns for investors. We usually focus on Class B/C apartments in prime locations with a well-defined value-add strategy, ensuring immediate cash flow while preserving the potential for forced appreciation.

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Founder & CEO

Adam Kripke is a seasoned real estate professional and licensed real estate agent in the state of Pennsylvania. Adam has over twenty years of experience in a wide range of residential and commercial real estate. Adam currently owns and operates several successful real estate businesses and has conducted over 200+ transactions during his career as a real estate investor. To the benefit of his clients Adam has received specialized educational certifications in real estate investing, sales and negotiation, business consulting and leadership.


VP Of Operations

Shelly was born and raised in the Toledo, Ohio area and attended the University of Toledo where she graduated with a bachelors degree in accounting. Since graduating college Shelly has assistant executives at all levels to run and operate their companies successfully. In addition to being a skilled bookkeeper Shellys administrative skill set is exceptional. Shelly has single-handedly operating companies with annual revenues north of $30 million. Shelly is an integral part of the Arrowhead Investments team and currently assists with the management and maintenance of property.


Board Of Advisors

Harley graduated from the University of Michigan in 1961 with a B.B.A degree. Harley is a serial entrepreneur having started and run numerous companies. Harley's companies involved steel warehouse and distribution, steel processing, nonferrous metal recycling, real estate acquisition and management, as well as alternative energy. Harley is currently involved in the Toledo community serving on the Toledo Museum of Art Board, the Toledo Symphony Board, the Jobst Vascular Institute Board, and the Toledo Jewish Community Foundation Board.


Q: What is your investment strategy for your projects?
A: Our strategy involves identifying undervalued properties in desirable neighborhoods, renovating them to increase value, and then either selling or refinancing them for a profit within a specific timeframe.

Q: How do you evaluate potential fix and flip properties?
A: We analyze factors such as property location, purchase price, renovation costs, after repair value (ARV), and projected profits to ensure that each project meets our criteria for a successful investment.

Q: What is your experience with fix and flip projects? A: Our team has successfully completed numerous fix and flip projects, generating significant returns for our investors. Our experience includes project management, construction, sales and negotiation, and real estate marketing.

Q: What is the expected timeline for fix and flip projects?
A: The timeline for fix and flip residential projects typically ranges from 2-6 months, depending on the property's condition and the scope of renovations required. Larger commercial properties do require more time and can take up to 2 years to complete. 

Q: How are profits distributed among investors for fix and flip projects?
A: Profits are typically distributed to investors based on either an investment share basis or a fixed interest rate depending on the project. Profits are then split after accounting for expenses and fees, upon the successful sale of the property.

Q: How do you mitigate risks associated with real estate investments?
A: We mitigate risks by conducting thorough due diligence, we identify strong market comparisons, maintaining sufficient insurance, secure all investor debt with real property, and implement proactive property management.

Q: What is the investment structure for multi-family syndications?
A: Investors typically become limited partners in the syndication, with an ownership percentage proportional to their investment. The general partner, or the syndicator, manages the property and oversees day-to-day operations.

Q: How are returns distributed among investors in a multi-family syndication?
A: Returns are typically distributed as a combination of cash flow, which is paid periodically to investors, and capital gains, which are realized upon the sale or refinancing of the property.

Q: What are the projected returns for multi-family syndications?
A: While returns can vary, multi-family syndications typically target annualized returns of 8-30% or more, depending on the property and market conditions.

Q: What is the minimum investment required for your real estate projects?
A: Minimum investment amounts may vary depending on the specific project, but generally start at around $50,000 for fix and flip projects and $100,000 for commercial syndications.

Q: How do you communicate with investors throughout the investment process?
A: We maintain open communication with our investors through regular updates, including project progress, financial performance, and any significant developments. Investors can expect periodic reports and have access to the management team for any questions or concerns.

Q: Why should I invest with Arrowhead Investments versus any other real estate firms?
A: There are several advantages to working with our company: 1.) We are a small firm which allows for fast and streamlined updates and communication. 2.) With the owner being a licensed real estate agent, wholesaler, and active investor you get access to rare off-market deals and unique revenue generating opportunities you can't get anywhere else. 3.) We are WAY more fun!  

Corporate Headquarters
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