About Us

Arrowhead Investments is a diversified real estate investment company based in Toledo, Ohio.  We work with local and regional banks, investors, lawyers, homeowners, and real estate agents on a regular basis to find real estate projects to take on. 

Property Rehabilitation

– Arrowhead Investments constantly searches for and acquires property in short sale, foreclosure, sheriff sale, and distressed properties to rehab.

Land Contract Financing

– In certain situations Arrowhead Investments may provide financing and land contract opportunities on properties.

Commercial Office Space

– We recently renovated an innovative turn-key office space facility in Sylvania Township. The building features elegant individual private offices for rent, conference room, kitchen, client waiting area, and a high visibility location.

Residential Rental Property

– Arrowhead Investments owns and operates several residential properties in the greater Toledo area and near the University of Toledo.

Community Revitalization Projects

– Our company has helped to revitalize nuisance properties in affluent neighborhoods. We are always open to assisting local municipalities in this area.