“It is a rare day when you find an individual with strong core values who has the insight not only to make an excellent purchase, but also has the attention to detail and the creativity to refine and polish a property to add sustainable value that the market truly will appreciate. It is a pleasure building a long term business relationship with a person of integrity & honesty when a “hand shake” will suffice!”

David J. Effler Sr.
Owner, Real Estate Brokerage Firm

“Adam has been great to work for. Payments have always been timely, he does his research and knows what he is looking for in these projects, and is always willing to listen to other ideas and additional input. In a nutshell Adam does what is necessary to get jobs done and has been one of my favorite customers, and I do hope that our business relationship has only begun.”

Ryan Jenkins
Owner, Residential Contracting Company

“It has been my pleasure to work with Adam Kripke on Real Estate transactions for over 4 years. I recommend him without reservations. His imagination as well as his techmical skill is terrific in finding and seeing opportunities. He brings value to business.”

Bill Keene
Realtor, Real Estate Developer, Builder