Our Clients

We work with builders and developers looking to partially liquidate their inventory to reduce carrying costs and increase working capital.

Bulk REO

Bulk REO Investors who are interested in purchasing residential property at a significant discount.
First Time Investors
Arrowhead works with investors who are interested in purchasing their first investment property but not sure where to start and need the appropriate guidance to avoid a major mistake.
Vacant Property Owners
On several occasions we purchase properties from owners that are unable to sell their property and need to reduce their debt service.
Real Estate Buyers and Sellers 
Arrowhead Investments help real estate buyers and sellers get access to select pocket listings on a regional basis.
Real Estate Investors
Real estate investors who are on the sidelines looking for alternative investment opportunities.
Local Municipalities
Every community has a few properties that create eye-sores for their residents. We can assist in revitalizing neighborhoods.