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Not Happy With The Returns You’re Getting In Your Stock Market Account?

If you are trying to generate a retirement income by following conventional strategies and investing in the equities markets, you’re probably watching your dismally performing portfolio barely keep up with inflation or, worse yet, losing value. It may be time to consider turning to alternative low-risk, high yielding investments.  That’s right: low risk with HIGH YEILDS.

Discover how real estate notes and private mortgages may be a great investment vehicle for you, let Arrowhead Investments help you grow your money:

Is Turning $250,000 into $1,498,950.49 in 15 Years a Good Enough Reason?

Take a look at the chart below. It’s hard to believe it, but if you invested $250,000 in a 3% CD  (and who’s even getting 3% these days?) that compounded twelve times per year, after 15 years you would have a little over $390,000. If you invested that money in private mortgages with Arrowhead Investments and averaged 12% returns on your money, after 15 years you would have $1,498,950.49. That’s a difference of $1,107,092.56!

Interest Income Comparison Over 20 Years

# of Years Initial $250,000 Investment
3% High Yield CD 12% Hard
Money Loan
Year 1 $257,603.99 $281,706.26 $24,102.27
Year 5 $290,404.20 $454,174.17 $163,769.97
Year 10 $337,338.39 $825,096.72 $487,758.33
Year 15 $391,857.93 $1,498,950.49 $1,107,092.56
Year 20 $455,188.75 $2,723,138.41 $2,267,949.66

You may think this is too good to be true, but there is no catch! Our investors regularly get these types of returns, which is why we believe hard money lending to be the quickest and safest path to real estate riches.

But the tremendous interest rate returns are not the only benefits of hard money investing. Here are just a few others:

Your money is secured by real estate, purchased in today’s market at pennies on the dollar.
The process is simple and easy to understand. You don’t have to spend hundreds of hours learning and studying corporate financials, candlestick charts, or breaking stock news to make investment decisions.  You know your return on investment (ROI) up front, when the deal is structured.

Your involvement can be completely passive, meaning you don’t have to take time from your job or family to invest.

Private money real estate investing is proven. This type of investing has been around longer than the stock market, longer than the United States – even longer than paper currency!

Private money lending is fun! – People like the idea of acting as a bank which, in essence, is what you’re doing. Why not make a fortune in real estate lending like smart banks do if you have the resources available to do it?

Call today to set up a free consultation with Adam Kripke and Arrowhead Investments to help you determine if private mortgage lending is right for you.